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April 30, 2014


We are honored to invite You to the upcoming national student conference with international participation «MEDICAL SPRING».

The Conference will take place on 30. April 2014 at the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow state medical university.

All relevant information regarding the conference program will be available in due time.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is 23. March 2014.

For all questions and irregularities that might occur, please do not hesitate to contact us on our official e-mail: [email protected]

The Conference will be held in the format of the breakout sessions in the following areas:

- The basic sciences;

- Therapy;

- Surgery;

- Anesthesiology and Intensive Care;

- Maternal and child health;

- Neurology and Psychiatry;

- Dentistry;

- Pharmacology and Pharmacy;

- Habitat and human health.

How can you participate?

• If you are a student in the field of medicine in abroad, or if you are a young scientist who has graduated in the field of medicine, you are most welcome to participate at the Conference.

• You can participate either by presenting your scientific work (either with a poster or by oral presentation).

• You can apply for participation at the Conference electronically via e-mail: [email protected] The application form can be found in this Letter of Invitation. The official languages are Russian and English.

The application form.

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

• Only abstracts written in English and submitted using the Conference Abstract Form will be taken into account for abstract selection procedure.

• Accepted abstracts can be presented either as an oral presentation or a poster presentation according to their quality.

• After submitted abstracts have been reviewed and accepted by the Scientific Committee, the best ones will be chosen for oral presentation.

• Participants will be informed about the results of abstract selection by the end of March, 2014.

• We also accept Reviews or Meta-studies.

• Case Reports are accepted under special conditions. A separate poster session will be organized for Case Reports. Case Reports will not be considered by the Scientific Committee for the Awards.

IMPORTANT: If your abstract has not been accepted for either oral or poster presentation, you can still participate as a passive participant.

Oral presentations:

10 minutes + 3 minutes discussion, PowerPoint presentation required

Poster presentations:

Dimensions 100×70 mm, Orientation: PORTRAIT (not Landscape)

1. Name

2. Surname

3. Full name of the University

4. Student / Young Scientist

5. Faculty / Department

6. E- mail

7. Telephone

8. Co -authors

9. Oral presentation / Poster presentation

Recommendations on writing your abstract:

TITLE: The title tells in brief what you have done in your research. It should be direct, concise and written in simple language.

INTRODUCTION: In this part you should give some of the background information about the topic you are investigating and introduce the area of your research. It is important to clearly state the aim of your study. We recommend that you do that in a single simple sentence.

METHODS: Here you should describe the design of your study. What were the materials you used and which were the methods you applied, on how many patients have you performed your study and how did you select them… these are only some of the questions you should answer under this subheading. Also, do not forget to mention the statistical analysis you used.

RESULTS: Describe the results you obtained with a brief discussion. Try to be as specific as you can – use numbers and data, avoid vague descriptions. Still, try to put the results in perspective of both your methods and your hypothesis. Do not just list data you obtained.

CONCLUSION: This should be a brief summary of the outcome of your research. Try to write it in regards to the aim of the research you stated in the Introduction.

The Conference fee is for free.


Guest speakers will be accommodated in the hostel of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow state medical university.

The Organizing Committee is located at:

119991, Moscow, Trubetskaya Street, 8/1, 3rd floor, 367 app.

Contact persons:

Chairman of the N.I. Pirogov Student Scientific Society – Leysan Pimenova

+7-916-219-04-65, [email protected];

Vice-Chairman of the N.I. Pirogov Student Scientific Society – Irina Babaeva

+7-985-132-75-26, [email protected].

Contact section «Dentistry»

Anastasia Melnikova 7916 225 63 97 [email protected]