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However, in spite of all the advantages бочка меда не без ложки дегтя, and there is a number of hidden pitfalls (подводных камней) when advertisers try to use pieces of art.

The most possible one is high risk of going over the line, as knowledge of basic ethical aspects is not enough for creation of such advertisement: one should have high professionalism and artistic taste, as the art is a very sensitive matter (деликатный вопрос) and is one of the most sophisticated tools for advertisers.

Thus, such advertising technique is risky, as, it is difficult to anticipate certain attitude of public to the ad and consequently to the company. In case of even slightest wrong step a company will get not only excessive attention, but tainted (подпорченная) reputation and loss of part of customers, who are fond of art as well.

The second risk is the fact that many people consider art untouchable, «saint». They will not accept positively any changes of work of arts implemented by advertisers, even is they are rather creative and consistent (выдержанные).

Last but not least is the growing connection of advertisement with art. It causes negative reaction of society in increasing frequency, as now society in common is fed up with advertisement and art for some is a way to switch off from everyday routine ( отвлечься от повседневности). Thus, then advertisers have a bash even at it (покушаются даже него) to boost sales, many people cannot hold back their annoyance.

Слайд 2

Thus, as the use of art in advertisement is complicated and controversial (неоднозначный) aspect, we tried to define some criteria by which such advertisement could be estimated.

The first is compliance with ethical and moral norms. When talking about this particular type of advertising, we can state that is not only conformance with (соблюдение) common ethics of advertisement. Here it means also respect to the pieces of art which are used and respect to their creators. Unfortunately, in pursuit of customers’ attention advertisers often forget about it and even об этом или даже intentionally create scandalous advertising. Noticeability is the only matter for them. It is fatally flawed. (в корне неверно).

Examples (слайды 3 и 4):

Advertisement of rat-poison «Mortein» by EURO RSGG (Havas Worldwide, formerly known as Euro RSCG, is one of the largest integrated marketing communications agencies in the world. Headquarters New York City (HQ), 316 Offices worldwide).

Original: «The Last Supper» (Leonardo da Vinci). Year 1494–1498

Ads of Mountain Dew soft-drink created by Graffiti BBDO (Graffiti BBDO is an advertising agency based in Bucharest, Romania)

Originals :

1)Пабло Пикассо — «Портрет женщины в полосатой шляпе»

2)The Scream by Edward Munch(1893)

Self-Portrait With a Bandaged Ear by Vincent van Gogh