шпор методика


«Bottom-up» process of speaking skills formation suggests A) an individual interpretation of the text issues;

“Da di Da di di Da” This exercise is designed forA) teaching English rhythm

«Distracters» in multiple choice tests are :A) incorrect choices

«Gap-filling» means:A)filling in the blanks

“Realia” means:A) real objects

“Skill” means:A) ability to do something automatically

“To render the plot” means:A) retell

«Top-down» process of speaking skills formation involves … A) the development of monologue skills on the basis of the text read;


A card with a letter, sound symbol or a word is: A) flashcard

A form of teaching by question and answer gradually leading to the coming out of certain truths is:A) eliciting

A good reader owns this reading strategyA) decides on a reading purpose;

A good teacher:A) speaks less

A guide to action is:A) principle

A listening activity in which groups of students listen to different parts of the texts , then exchange information to build up the complete picture is called:A) jigsaw listening

A non –native English teacher doesn’t obligatory A) speaks native like English;

A published book used by students and teachers as the primary basis for a language course is:A) course book

A Reflective teacher A) evaluates, amends and then reevaluate his practice

A word , a phrase or a picture , used to stimulate a response :A) cue

A young teacher without experience is:A) novice teacher

According to St.Krashen , a natural way of learning the language, an unconscious process is:A) acquisition

According to Stephen Krashen a good language learner is:A) an acquirer

Activity effective for teaching pronunciation fluency isA) reciting poems, rhymes, songs ,jazz chants;

Aim of this test is to discover how much and what a student has learned over a given period is called:A) achievement

An error is:A) mistake

At the constructive stage of teaching a dialogue students:A) construct pattern dialogues

At the creative stage of teaching a dialogue students:A) make up their own dialogues

Authentic texts are most suitable for ….. learning stage. A) senior;

Authentic materials are materials that are …A) used in the real life of the countries where they speak a target language.

Autonomous learning is А) independent learning when the student responsibly determines his learning path;


Blackboard, tape recorder, computer are:A) teaching aids

Brainstorming is A) generating ideas


Characteristic feature of communicative approach is А) group and pair work;

Characteristics of a reading process is:A) perceptional process

Choose the type of exercise Ex: He wrote a poem . The poem was written by him.A) transformation

Choose the type of exercise She didn’t attend classes , because…A) completion

Choose the type of exercise when pupils complete a table or draw a diagram after listening to a textA) information transfer

Choose the type of exerciseHe is playing tennis now. He is playing football now.A) substitution

Choose the type of exerciseThe teacher…the papers …a regular basis.A) re-ordering

Choose the type of exerciseto/ Ann / library/usually /the/goes/in/ the / morningA) re-ordering

Classical method is another name forA) the Grammar-Translation Method;

Close retelling of the text doesn’t develop:A) communicative skills

Cognitive strategies enable the learner A) to manipulate the language material in direct ways,

Collecting information and making judgments on a learner’s knowledge is:A) assessment

Collection of student’s work is:A) portfolio

Communicative activities are meant to:A) improve language fluency

Compensatory strategies enable the learner toA) gather and organize materials, arranging a study space and a schedule

Conscious steps that readers take to improve their reading ability are:A) strategies

Contemporary theory on grammar skills development highlights ….. major stages of work on grammar material. A) 4;

Crossword puzzles – are the activities for reinforcing…A) vocabulary


Define didactic sequence of work on a grammar material.1.Development of grammatical skills through their automation in speech; 2.Development of speech skills ;3. presentation;4.using the acquired grammar knowledge in different types of speech activity.А) 3142;

Define the algorithm of listening comprehension task implementation : 1.ask questions; 2.write down and explain the new words;3.retell the text by the roles; 4.listen to the text and formulate the task; 5.give summary.А) 24135;

Define the algorithm of task implementation of developing speaking skills based on the audiotext :1.evaluate events and main character’s deeds ,2.make up your own ending of the text,3. Make up the plan of the audiotext,4. Role play some episodes,5.retell the text according to your plan.А) 31524;

Didactics studies:A) general ways in teaching

Direct method of semantization of words has the following features:A) help to establish direct associations between words and notions expressed by them;

Discrimination, articulation, intonation, integration, automaticity constitute the content of:A) teaching pronunciation

Drilling is used for:A) consolidation of the material


EFL extracurricular activities refer to . A) group forms;

Elective course is …. A) an additional free choice;

English handwriting is based on:A) Latin alphabet

Exercise “Error-recognition “ is good item for testing:A) grammar and usage

Feature of the Audio-lingual method is:A) presentation of new material in dialogue


Feature of the Direct method is:A) pronunciation is the focus of the lesson

First listening of the text is listening:A) for main idea

Free writing meansА) to freely express your opinion in written form on a topic;


General philosophical orientation to language teaching is:A) approach


Habit is studied by:A) pedagogics


IELTS is the example of:A) proficiency test

If the teacher explains a difficult letter combination before the dictation, it is called:A) explanatory dictation

If the text has been simplified in terms of its grammar and vocabulary, it is:A) adapted

In FLT formative assessment serves as a means of А) improvement of a learning process

In order to teach Grammar inductively the teacher resorts to:A)context, examples for the pupils to deduce the rule;

In this approach language is taught in multi word chunksA) Lexical Approach

In this approach learners start with no knowledge to highly controlled use of the language , to freer practice and then free practice of the languageA) PPP

In this approach students are given names from the culture they are learningA) Suggestopedia

In this modern approach learners are encouraged to do non-linguistic tasks rather than concentrating on language formsA) Task-based learning

In this theory, correction of all mistakes, rewarded by words of praise,is important for acquiring language. A) Behaviorist

In what country was Suggestopedia developed:A) Bulgaria

In what country was the Audio-Lingual Method developed:A) the USA

In what method doing translating exercises is widely used : A) Grammar translation method

In what method such technique as group and pair work is used : A) Communicative approach

In what method much attention is paid to creating rapport in the classroom:A) Suggestopedia

Infant learners are:A) curios

Interactive listening is A) listening, responding and giving feedback

Intercultural situation takes place when A) students of various cultures come into contact,

It is a way of learning by constant repetition:A) drill


Knowledge of Passive Grammar doesn’t involve:A) pupils’ ability to use it in speech;


Listening and reading are:A) receptive skills


Main principles of grammar material selection are . What does not belong? A) The principle of a difficulty;

Match the lesson aims with the learner group profile: a group of university students who need English to listen to lecturesA) to practice note –taking skills

Match the lesson aims with the learner group profile: an individual learner who has difficulties with listening comprehensionA) to practice inquiries on the phone

Match the lesson aims with the learner group profile: a class of advanced learners who have to take a test of writingA) to develop strategies for planning and doing timed essays

Match the lesson aims with the learner group profile: a class of beginners aged four A) to practice sounds of the alphabet

Match the lesson aims with the learner group profile: a group of office workersA) to practice giving clear instructions

Match the lesson aims with the learner group profile: a group of primary school teachers preparing for an oral test A) to practice fluency

Match the lesson aims with the learner group profile: a large class of mixed level 13 –year-olds in a secondary school A) to make connections with other school subjects

Match the lesson aims with the learner group profile: a new group of learners whose level is not known to the teacherA) to diagnose learner’s language needs

Match the lesson aims with the learner group profile: a small group of adults planning a holiday in BritainA) to practice to provide learners with basic vocabulary for tourism

Memory-related strategies help learners toA) link L2 item with another, not necessarily involve deep understanding

Metacognitive strategies enable the learner to A) identify one’s own learning style preferences and needs;

Methodological component of the content of FLT includesA)learner’ strategies» — rational ways of learning a language;

Methods of FLT as a science refers to A) an applied linguistics;

Methods of FLT is:A) a pedagogical science

Methods of teaching a particular language is:A) special methods


Objective test doesn’t include:A) essay

One of the demanding aspects of FLT nowadays is:A) speaking

One of the problems in teaching pupils English pronunciation is the problem of:A) articulation

One of the problems with speaking activities is learner’s:A) inhibition

One of the strategies of formative assessment is А) peer assessment

One of these reading strategies characterizes a bad readerA) he moves his lips while reading silently;

One of these reading strategies characterizes a good reader:A) he uses a context to guess an unknown word

Oral approach implies that students are first taught :A)listening and speaking

Oral interview is a technique for testing:A) speaking

Oral speech is characterized by:A) inaccuracy of reproduction


Planning the activities the teacher writes the following tasks: choose, demonstrate, dramatize, employ, illustrate, interpret, operate, schedule, sketch, solve, use. To which level of Bloom’s taxonomy they correspond?A) applying

Potential vocabulary is most necessary for:A) speaking; reading, writing, listening.

Pre-listening questions on the text helps pupils to:A) understand the content

Psychological, linguistic, methodological components comprise the:A) content of FLT


Retelling of the text develops:A) monolog speech skills


Scanning technique meansA) reading the text quickly to get the general idea

Semantic-communicative exercises for teaching reading include:A) choose words, characterizing the main hero;

Skimming reading is:A) reading rapidly through a text to get a general idea about the subject

Social strategies help learners to A) ask questions to get verification, ask for clarification of a confusing point,

Someone who helps students complete the task effectively:A) facilitator

Speaking fluently meansA) speaking naturally without hesitating too much

Stages of the lesson Lead-in, elicitation, explanation, accurate reproduction and immediate creativity were defined byA) Harmer 1998

Stages of the lesson verbalization, automatization,and autonomy were defined byA) Penny Ur

Stages of the lesson engage, study, activate were defined byA) Harmer 1998

Stages of the lesson into, through, beyond were defined byA) Brinton, Goodwin and Ranks 1944

Structural approach is one of the approaches in teaching:A) grammar

Student Portfolio promotes learner’s:A) learner’s reflection

Students add, delete and make changes in syntax, sentence structure and organization at this stage of a writing processA) proof writing

Students appreciate teacher’s ability:A) to make all the students participate

Students are to write a project about life in 2050. What will they have to do first?A) get ideas & discuss them;

Subjective test doesn’t include :A) multiple-choice

Suppose, you are planning the work on the text for Listening Comprehension. What stage will be the first one?A) introduction of the new words ;


Target language is A) the language which learners are attempting to learn

Tasks, where students share information or work together to get a solution are called:A) problem-solving

Teacher’s speech shouldn’t beA) monotonous

Teaching Grammar for communication is called:A) active

Teaching language functions means teachingA) how to complain, give directions, respond to thanks, express regrets, etc.

Teaching pronunciation includes :A) sounds and intonation study

Teaching pronunciation includes teaching :A) rhythmic groups

Teaching pronunciation should be doneA) throughout the whole period of instruction

Teaching vocabulary starts with:A) concrete words

Teaching vocabulary starts with:A) concrete words

Test consisting of a number of answers one of which is correct is called:A) multiple choice test

The “Silent way” was developed by:A) Caleb Categno

The most appropriate way of semantization of the world ‘garden’?A) showing a picture;

The “Silent way ” was introduced in:A) in 1972-1973

The act of getting new knowledge and skills is:A) acquisition

The author of the Total Physical Response Method is:A) James Asher

The card where the teacher notes down students’ mistakes and then gives it to a student is called:A) hot card

The choice of ways to check up listening comprehension mainly depends on: A) the objectives and types of listening;

The choice of ways to check up listening comprehension t doesn’t depend on:A) type of school

The choice of ways to check up reading comprehension depends on:A) the purpose of reading & the type of reading;

The Communicative Language Teaching was introduced in:A) in 1980s

The content of foreign language teaching is laid down in the:A) syllabus

The course for pupils who show a great interest in learning a foreign language is:A) optional course

The effect of the native language on second language learning has traditionally been seen as :A) interference

The English equivalent for “курс для начинающих ” is:A) beginner course

The example of “ticking off” exercise is:A) bingo

The factor that makes someone want to do something:A) motivation

The first part of the composition is:A) introduction

The goal of ELT is to have students become A) competent language users

The goal of test is to:A) evaluate student’s knowledge

The intended meaning of speech (apologizing, requesting, complaining) is:A) function

The language which learners are attempting to learn is:A) target language

The longest part of the composition is:A) body

The Methodological basis of Audio-lingual & Audio-Visual Methods is;A) behaviorism & structuralism;

The methodological component of content of FLT at school involves:A) principles of FLT

The methodological component of ELT involves:A) learners styles

The modern teaching aid is:A) computer

The name of the linguist who developed 5 hypotheses of SLA isA) Stephen .Krashen

The Natural Approach was developed byA) S.Krashen and T. Terrel

The person influenced the theory of FLL by stating that input is made comprehensible by adjusting one’s spoken language to the level of the learner.A) Michael Long

The person influenced the FLL theory stating that the teacher is the possessor of all knowledge who passes his knowledge to the students. A) Skinner

The person who influenced this theory emphasizes the emotional needs of the students. A) Carl Rogers

The person who influenced this theory states that all people have a biological function that matches language to universal rules about language.A) Noam Chomsky

The principle of activity in FLT implies that the active participant in the whole process of instruction is:A) a student

The principle of visualization in FLT implies the use of:A) audio-visual aids and materials

The purpose of Ice-breaker is A) to create atmosphere in the classroom

The purpose of silent reading is :A) comprehension

The role of the teacher in a Communicative Language Teaching is that of A) facilitator

The role of the teacher in a Community Language Learning is that of A) counselor

The Russian equivalent for “draft version” isA) черновой вариант

The student internalizes the language when it A) becomes part of his language behavior

The teacher gives examples and asks the students try to show the difference between the structure in usage and deduce the rule. What type of explanation is used?A) deductive-inductive

The teacher introduced a new word “A boy scout – это член детской организации мальчиков в США и Англии” What method of semantization did the teacher use? A) translation-interpretation;

The teacher need the following kinds of plans:A) daily, unit, calendar

The teacher writes a topic on the board and students predict the words associated with the topic. This activity suits best for:A) pre-listening speaking-activity ;

The three features of communication are:A) information gap, choice, feedback

The word “ authentic” means:A) genuine

The word “ mother tongue” means:A) родной язык

The word “ rapport” means:A) friendly atmosphere

There are two forms of reading :A) reading aloud and silent reading;

There should be no more than … objectives at the lessonA) 3

This activity is appropriate at the final stage of work with the text?A) understanding idea and the message ;

This exercise is meant for teaching spellingA) sight dictation

This exercise is the best for vocabulary practice stageA) paraphrase using a new word

This principle of visualization is primary for teaching:A) young learners

This technique is meant for teaching creative writingA) giving a prompt for generating ideas

This theory puts people’s desires and feelings at the center of learning? A) Humanist

This type of exercise doesn’t suit the aim of teaching written speechA) jigsaw reading

This type of work is most effective for teaching pronunciationA) learning poems, rhymes, songs

This activity cannot be used for teaching written speechA) present topic of your speech ;

This activity can be used for teaching prepared monologueA) close to the text retelling;

This checklist can assist in the evaluation of any assignment:A) rubric

This counts as a skimming reading tasksA) find and compare events;

This exercise is the best for vocabulary practice stage A) fill-in the gap

This is a criteria of a good test :A) validity

This is disadvantage of peer correctionA) some SS feel uncomfortable to correct/be corrected by another Ss

This method uses rods as a LL technique A) Silent way

This method emphasizes native like pronunciation : A) Audio-lingual method

This method of FLT is based upon the way children acquire their native languageA) The Total Physical Response Method

This person developed an overall theory based upon the following five areas: acquisition/learning, monitor, natural order, input, and affective filter.A) Stephan Krashen

This theory puts a greater emphasis on reading and listening in the initial stages of learning. Speaking and writing come naturally as a result of a large intake of the above skills. A) Constructivist

This theory states that human emotions need to be consideredA) Humanist

This theory states that learning the language is building up a knowledge system A) Constructivist

This theory states that social situations determine how we learnA) Interactionist

This theory states that the students should be able to direct their own learning. The teacher’s job is to help them understand themselves and then facilitate what they want to learn. A) Humanist

This type of exercise is appropriate for teaching Active GrammarA) create a chain story;

This type of exercise is not appropriate for teaching Active Grammar?A)substitution( drill) exercises;

Three dimensional framework for teaching grammar is:A) form, meaning , use

To “unscramble a sentence” means:A) to restore to the original order

To authentic text we can refer:A) London restaurant menu

To explain a grammar item at the initial stage of learning the teacher uses ….. learning approach. A) explicit;

To explain a grammar item for advanced learners the teacher uses ….. learning approach. A) implicit;

To non-authentic text we refer:A) adapted literature

To positively reinforce the students, the teacher… A) praises and encourages students

To productive exercise we refer:A) make up a dialogue of your own

To recognition exercise we refer:A) choose the right form

To recognition exercise we refer:A) show me

To start foreign language teaching with reading was proposed by:A) M. West

To teaching material we refer:A) cards

To teaching material we refer:A) pictures

To think carefully upon sth is:A) to reflect on

TOEFL is the example of:A) proficiency test

Total Physical Response is a teaching method that develops A) listening skill before speaking;


Using language correctly without mistakes is:A) accuracy


Verbal technique for vocabulary presentation is:A) definition

Verbal technique for vocabulary presentation is;A) giving synonym

Visual technique for vocabulary presentation is:A) showing flashcard


Warm up is an activity which is doneA) at the beginning of the thematic lesson plan to introduce the topic

We call » correct answer » in multiple choice test A) stem

What criteria doesn’t suit when conducting student knowledge assessmentА) authority

What follow up reading technique can be appropriate at the final stage of work with the text?A) draw the picture of the main character

What task will suit listening for detailA) wrong-right statements ;

What can be regarded as a component of teaching fluency in speechA) retelling

What cannot be regarded as a component of the Content of FLT?A) textbook;

What cannot be regarded as a component of the content of teaching writing at school?A) graphemic-phonemic associations.

What counts as a pre- reading task?A) using the title and cover design;

What counts as a scanning reading task? A) find a particular date or a name;

What counts as post- reading task?A) open questions (Wh -?)

What counts as proper listening in the classroom?A) the teacher uses classroom expressions at the lesson: «Stop talking», «Listen to the dialogue»;

What do pupils do during the oral introductory course?A) listen and speak

What does ‘’Linguistic component “includeА) this component consists of phonetic, grammar and lexical material and word store;

What doesn’t suit the advantages of group and pair work?А) low responsibility

What doesn’t belong to supplementary means of FLT?A) computer games

What doesn’t suit the component of teaching writing at schoolA) calligraphy

What exercise is good as a follow up activity for vocabulary practice?A) essay writing

What is a principle?A) a guideline to follow in FLT based on the regularities of the process of teaching

What is the best way of presenting the word “infant”?A) definition

What is the best way of presenting the word “to waste time”?A) an explanation

What is the most appropriate way of explaining the meaning of idioms and collocations (ex. skeleton in the cupboard)?A) translation;

What is the most appropriate way of semantization of the word ‘hypocrisy’? A) translation;

What is the most appropriate way of semantization of the word ‘irresponsible’?A) using word-building elements;

What is the most appropriate way of semantization of the word ‘miracle’ A) translation;

What is the most appropriate way of teaching the grammatical item «Pronouns» in the junior forms? A) inductive-deductive;

What is the most appropriate way of teaching the idiom «the apple of my eye»A) translation;

What reading techniques can be appropriate at the initial stage of work with the text?A) Work with the title

What role does he teacher perform if he reads the pattern dialogue?A) model

What role does the teacher perform if he asks students to repeat a sentence after him?A) model

What role does the teacher perform if he contributes to task performance?A) manager

What should be the 1st stage of work at the poem?A) the poem is read by the teacher or produced by the tape;

What stage will be the last one, when you plan the work on the text for listening comprehension?A) communicative task based on the text

What technique is it better to use for presenting the verb «to sneeze»A) miming

What technique the teacher would use to present the word “a dancer”A) word-building elements

What technique the teacher would use to present the word “technologyA) translation

What type of extracurricular work in a FL does not belong to mass workA) reports in English made by individual pupils different occasions;

When teacher asks pupils in the 7th form of specialized school to prepare a project work , what motivation the teacher thus stimulates?A) extrinsic;

When teacher asks the pupils to consult the dictionary for better understanding of unknown words, what type of motivation the teacher stimulatesA) instrumental

When the teacher asks pupils of the 6th form to compose a crossword on the theme “Sports”, what type of motivation the teacher thus stimulatesA)lingua- cognitive

When the teacher presents a grammar structure it is important first to show A) meaning

When the teacher supervises the stages of the project work, he performs the role of … A) manager

Which statement is not true about task-based learningA) teacher isn’t able to plan students’ requests in the syllabus;

Which competence is missing?Julie has a linguistic competence. However she does not know how to make polite statementsA) sociolinguistic

Which competence is missing?Peter has a very large vocabulary for his level, which he uses correctly. However, he cannot talk in more than one sentence at a time.A) discourse

Which competence is missing?Susan uses perfect grammar most of the time, but she speaks too informally and casually to her boss.A) sociolinguistic

Which field of science is called lingodidactics?А) Methods;

Which of activities is not effective way of checking listening comprehension of beginner level studentsA) open-ended free response questions in the foreign language;

Which of them cannot be used as the most effective way to check up listening comprehension of the 9th form pupils whose language competence is below the average? A) open ended questions;

Which principle belongs to special methodological principles?A) the principle of the communicativeness

Which statement is untrue A) peer correction is not effective

Which theory states that learning is done through shaping the behavior of the Ss through using a system of rewards and punishments?A) Behaviorist

Which type of exercise doesn’t suit the aim of teachıng speaking?A) self dictation;

Whole-language listening activity is aimed at getting r:A) the main ideas

Work on the dialogue doesn’t involve:A) writing a summary;

Writing and speaking are:A) productive skills


Young learners acquire the material:A) subconsciously